DIY Fourth of July

I grew up in a town that made a big deal over the Fourth of July. We held claim to the largest parade in the state, followed by a pretty great fireworks display that everyone in town would gather to watch on the common by the lake.

Boston, of course, has it’s own Fourth of July celebrations, but this year I wasn’t up for jostling with the crowds to get a good spot on the esplanade to watch the fireworks show. I decided that instead I would throw a casual get-together at my house, and get a little crafty in the process. Of course, I decided this two days ahead of time, so a large part of the planning was scouring my house for things I could use to make a little setup on my porch.

I thought I was going to melt putting up the decorations, but I was happy with how it turned out.




Believe it or not, the only thing I had to purchase was tissue paper to make the blue circles (and the food!). Granted, I tend to have a lot of supplies around, but for this setup the main decoration was actually patterned paper that I printed out. I used it for the toothpick flags and to wrap the vases for the flowers.



For food, I kept it simple with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes on french bread, strawberries and blueberries, chips and salsa, raspberry creme cookies, and, of course, Twizzlers. We made hamburgers later in the day.


I also made a simple drink with cranberry juice and seltzer, modeled by my very pregnant friend in her pretty matching dress.


Two other paper decorations I threw together were simple flags that I stenciled stars onto with a silver Sharpie:


And a cute “America the beautiful” sign that I created in Word and framed.


I might do a tutorial on the tissue paper circles, but they are very simple. If you have ever made a paper pom, you’re already way ahead of the game because these are even easier.


The silver star was a decoration from Christmas, and all the plates, candles and vases were things I had lying around. All in all, it was a fun little project that made for a festive and laid-back Fourth.




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